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To all you mom’s who have ever thought that being a mom was both the best and the hardest thing you have ever done. This is for you.

When the nights are long and the sleep isn’t happening because someone needs you.

When your husband says he’ll be home late again and you desperately needed backup.

When the only people you converse with are toddlers and incapable of completing a logical thought.

When you start calling it the “potty” instead of the “bathroom”.

When all you want is to be validated.

When you think you are legit going crazy.

When you carry a baby inside your body for nine months and then knock on death’s door to get them out. Then don’t sleep for another 12 months while you wake up to feed them out of your once attractive boob every two hours.

When you have been thrown up on, pooped on and peed on too many times to count.

When you have been told you are the worst mother ever and you are ruining your child’s life.

When you yell at your kids one minute and then want to snuggle them the next.

When you can’t wait for a night out and then talk about your kids the entire time you are away.

When your biggest worry is whether you are failing as a mom.

When you watch kids shows more than adult shows.

When the plans that you’ve had for months get cancelled because a little one got sick.

When your bed suddenly gets much smaller because someone had a bad dream and needs to sleep with you.

When you realize that sleeping in isn’t going to happen until retirement. Kids don’t know what Saturday or daylight savings is!

When you daydream of free time.

When you enjoy things like grocery shopping and ironing if you can do them alone.

When every single thing revolves around your children.

When you wish you could be sick instead of your little one.

When you worry all day whether your child is being bullied at school or making friends.

When you want to take all the hard things away from your kids so they don’t have to struggle but you know it’s vital that they do.

When you live a tormented life because you are constantly running through every bad thing that could happen in your head so that you are prepared for it and can save your kids.

When you wonder if anyone notices everything that you do each day.

When you realize that you don’t ever get “off of work”.

When your happiness is tied to the little humans you created.

When you look through pictures of your kids after they go to bed.

When you sneak in to look at your sleeping babies one more time before going to bed yourself.

When you cry because you feel like you failed.

When you pray that God will make up for your weaknesses and your kids will turn out alright.

When you recognize yourself in your child.

When your child tells you they love you.

When you sing a bedtime song and they rest their head on your shoulder.

When they ask you to kiss a boo-boo and it makes it all better.

When they tell you about a hard situation they handled beautifully.

When they look in the mirror and smile back at who they see.

When they turn another year older and you can’t fathom how it happened so fast.

When you are proud of who they are becoming and can’t believe that they came from you.

When your child smiles and all your troubles go away.

When your child’s laugh is your favorite sound in the world.

When you pray each night that God will bless you with another day to live the life he has given you

When there is nothing else in the world you would rather do than all of these things, you are a mom.

I see you. I thank you. I love you.