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What I took on my Backpacking trip in the Tetons

What I took on my Backpacking trip in the Tetons

Here is everything that I brought with me on my epic 4 day backpacking trip in the Tetons. (Minus food)

1. Beanie. I have this cute Carhartt one from Amazon.

2. Sunscreen. Travel size and on a carabiner is the best. Everyone used my sunscreen because it was clipped on the outside of my backpack and was always accessible.

3. Outfit #1. Athleta t-shirt with sleeves. Sleeves were really nice because they saved my shoulders from the backpack rubbing on my skin. Columbia zip-off pants/shorts. I bought my pants from Amazon. I’ve been avoiding the zip-off pants/shorts for years but finally gave in and bought a pair. I’m so glad I did. Pants and shorts in one was very convenient. I highly recommend them for camping/backpacking.

4. Wilderness Wash. Laundry soap, dish soap, body wash, and shampoo all in one. I never washed my clothes or my hair during this particular Teton trip but I used this to wash my dishes and it worked great. I ended up putting a small amount in a different container to save space and weight. This bottle will last several adventures.

5. Pistil hat. This is my favorite hat. Cute and comfortable. I hung this on the outside of my bag.

6. First Aid kit. I got this small and portable first aid kit on Amazon. I added some Tylenol and ibuprofen to the kit.

7. Outfit #2. Athleta t-shirt with sleeves. Nike spandex shorts.

8. Smart Wool Socks. I brought two pairs of smart wool socks.

9.100% deet bug spray. Travel size to save space.

10. Camping bowl and spork. These are silicone and fold down flat.

11. Water Filter. I carried 2 liters of water each day. Each night I would have to filter water from a stream for cooking and for my water the next day. It would be impossible to do a backpacking trip without a water filter.

12. Jet Boil. A jet boil is defiantly something to save up for and purchase. It boils water in one minute and is perfect for meals, hot chocolate, etc. Light and small this is a necessary backpacking item.

13. Goal Zero solar panel. This is how I charged my phone and Garmin GPS. I hooked it onto the outside of my pack and it charged while I hiked. It was awesome!

14. Garmin GPS mini. This garmin tracked my miles, allowed me to send text messages and my location to my husband each day even when I didn’t have service. This garmin also has a SOS feature where if I ever get into trouble I can send out a message and the authorities will be notified.

15. Down Coat. This particular coat is my favorite and I’ve blogged about it before. This coat keeps me warm all winter long and is versatile for all of my different adventures. It packs down small and is lightweight making it the perfect backpacking coat.

16. Black Diamond Headlamp. Another camping necessity.

17. Big Agnes Backpacking Tent: This tent is amazing. 2 person, ultra-lightweight, easy to set up, and dual doors.

18. Backpacking Exped Sleeping Pad. This pad rolls up small and is ultra-lightweight. Insulated to keep you warm on cold nights. Comes with a pump bag to inflate quickly.

19. Backpacking blow up pillow. Packs down tiny enough to fit in my sleeping bag and not take up any extra room.

20. Rain Fly: This is something you hope you don’t need to use but always want to have. This will keep your pack and everything inside it dry if it rains.

21. Rope: This is important to hang your food in a tree to keep animals at a distance. I brought a small 30 foot paracord. I never used it because I had a bear canister the entire trip. If you are going somewhere that requires a bear canister I would leave the rope at home.

22. Camelbak Water Bladder: I chose to go with a 3 liter bladder but I found that I only drank 2 liters each day.

23. Backpacking Sleeping Bag: This is my favorite sleeping bag. It is ultra-lightweight, sized for women, and keeps me extremely warm. With a temperature rating that goes down to 15-degrees I found myself warm each night only sleeping in my sports bra and shorts.

24. Multi Tool: I used this tool several times during my trip. You never know when you will need a knife, pliers or any of the other tools this set includes. Always a good idea to bring tool along.

25. Columbia Pack-able Rain Jacket: I forgot to take a picture of my jacket but if you follow me on social media at all you know I never hike with out this jacket. It’s waterproof, lightweight design packs into your hand pocket for convenience and it is the perfect jacket when a coat is too much. I use mine ALL the time!

26. Hiking Poles: I also forgot to take a picture of my hiking poles. These are the poles I have. They are perfect for summer hiking and winter skiing. (Comes with attachments for both.)

27. Osprey Women’s Aerial AG 55 Backpack: This is the backpack I have. It is a 55-liter backpack and comes with a convertible top lid day pack which is a feature I have used on each of my backpacking trips. It’s nice to have a day pack to explore without the weight and bulk of the big pack. This pack is designed for women and has waist straps to keep the weight off your shoulders. It has pockets galore and easy access to your phone or snacks on your waist. One of my favorite things about this Osprey pack is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. That means if anything breaks on it they will repair it or replace it! And right now it is $100 off!

These are great items to save up for and ask for gifts.

I hope you get to adventure soon!

Kid Hiking Day Pack

Kid Hiking Day Pack

All packs are the same size and fit each of my kids ages 11, 9, 6, 3

I hike with my kids more than I hike alone. My younger three all look forward to hiking and enjoy it immensely. We bring snacks and often ask friends to come along to make our time outside even more enjoyable. (Notice how I said younger 3?! My oldest daughter complains every time I say we are going on a hike. As soon as we are on the hike she enjoys it but when we get home she says she was miserable. Tweens!)

A few years ago we invested in Camelbak day packs for each of our kids. They have been a wonderful addition to our hiking gear. This is the pack we purchased for each of them: CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack, 50 oz.They cost around $50 a piece and have been worth the investment for our family. We use them every single hike and have had them for years. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to not carry the water and snacks for all of them. Plus, we don’t have to stop every time someone needs a drink. Which is a huge bonus when hiking with kids. Everyone is able to drink while they hike. If someone wants a snack while they hike no problem, they just pull one out of their pack and eat while they hike. I’m not stopping, taking off my pack and searching through all my snacks to find something they like. It really is glorious! It’s the little things that add up to a smooth and enjoyable experience when hiking with kids.

These packs are one of the best ways to alleviate the stress and strain of hiking with your kids. They are lightweight, compact, and will hold 50 fl oz (1.5 L) of water for them to get drinks as they need. It does not have a hip belt but has contoured, padded shoulder straps with a chest strap that easily adjusts to your child’s changing size. All four of my kids (ages 11, 9, 6, 3) wear the exact same pack. It’s lightweight with a built-in safety whistle, extra storage pockets, and reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments.

I love our packs and highly recommend them.