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Dripping Rock

Dripping Rock

Dripping Rock is a hidden gem in Spanish Fork, Utah. The trail starts on the south side of the road next to the Spanish Oaks Golf Course. There is a small parking lot for you to park and begin. The trail runs alongside the river with several options to go down to the water throughout.

You can go down to the river early on your walk or wait until the bridge. Both are really fun options. We chose to go down early on our hike and make our way through the river, stopping at all the areas the rock drips. The kids were in heaven.

I recommend water shoes or hiking sandals. Walking in the river is really fun but the rocks make shoes necessary. It’s not difficult to walk in the water. My three year old did great. The water stays shallow and slow moving the entire walk up to the bridge.

If you aren’t interested in the swings or jumping off the little waterfall you can stay down river where the rock dips. Less crowded and lots of room to play.

After playing at the dripping rock for awhile, we decided to go the bridge and find the swings. It’s only .7 mile from the parking lot to the bridge.

We ended up spending the most time at the bridge. My kids couldn’t get enough of the swing and the jump.

When it was time to head back home they all asked if we could come back the next day. Dripping Rock is our new favorite place to play in the summer heat.

5 Tips For Hiking With Kids

5 Tips For Hiking With Kids

I love hiking with my kids. My kids haven’t always loved hiking with me.

I have learned several tricks over the years that have worked wonders.

Here are 5 of them:

1- Bring snacks! Bring things the kids consider treats and don’t get often. Once I brought Oreos and a thermos of milk to eat at the top of the hike. It was a huge hit. I also like to pack things that the kids can eat during the hike with out stopping. Fruit snacks, string cheese etc.

2- Have plenty of water. A dehydrated kid is a miserable kid. To keep your kids energy up make sure they are hydrating frequently during the hike. Stop and remind your kids to drink often! I have my kids carry their own water so I’m not carrying everything. Read the blog post I wrote all about how much I love these kids packs.

3- Bring friends. Having a friend along to chat with keeps kids distracted from tired legs or a hot sunny day. My kids have complained on a 1 mile hike when we have hiked alone and have happily finished an 8 mile hike when they’ve had friends along. It works magic!

4- Take time to stop and let the kids be curious. Don’t rush them to the end point. It takes patience. There is a balance to it because some kids would never make it to the destination if you let them stop every time they wanted. Encouraging your kids to finish the hike while also letting them explore at their pace is the goal. You want them to have a good experience so they want to go hiking again.

5- Don’t give up! If you have a bad experience hiking with your kids don’t throw in the towel. Kids have good days and bad days. Some experiences will be better than others. Follow my other tips and try again.

We stopped to play in the soft sand for a little while

Pierce loves sticks. He picks up several during our hikes and plays with them for a few minutes before realizing they are to heavy to carry for the entire hike. I often tell him we will get the sticks on our way back but he forgets and gets distracted with new sticks.
My Favorite Baby Carrier

My Favorite Baby Carrier

With each new baby I’ve had, new products have been developed to make life easier. The baby food pouch was a genius invention that didn’t exist until my third baby. It was life changing to not carry glass jars and a spoon everywhere I went to feed my baby. Anyone else feel the same way?

Another wonderful invention that has improved significantly over the years is the baby carrier. After four kids I have found my favorite: the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons.

Hiking in Idaho. Pierce riding on my back and loving life.

For the busiest of families who need a quick retreat into nature this baby carrier is a must! This backpack offers all the features needed for a family to enjoy the trails. It is ergonomic, lightweight, adjustable, and features zippers that accommodate multiple temperatures. Zip up and keep your baby warm and cozy while snowshoeing or unzip and let your baby cool off on a hot summer day.

The contoured shoulder straps are fitted with padding for comfort along with an adjustable hip belt for added support. If you are a new mom who needs some fresh air this pack can be used for infants down to just 7 lbs and can adjust to fit your little one as they grow into a toddler. Larger carriers will offer more space for storage but there is a large enough pocket to store your baby’s necessities.

Hiking in Utah county.

The best part of the Lillebaby Complete is the carrying versatility. With six different child positions it can be adjusted to comfortably carry on your back, side, or even on the front so you can keep your eye on the little one. It comes in multiple colors and patterns, includes a sunshade, and is waterproof for those unexpected rainstorms. You can purchase it at most retailers but the best deal is on Amazon for only $79.

When you need a few hours for you and your young family to get out and explore, this pack offers everything you need to fully enjoy your time.

Get out there, girl!

Two babies in hiking packs. Clara (2) riding in the framed hiking pack. Brand new baby Pierce riding in the frameless pack.
Kid Hiking Day Pack

Kid Hiking Day Pack

All packs are the same size and fit each of my kids ages 11, 9, 6, 3

I hike with my kids more than I hike alone. My younger three all look forward to hiking and enjoy it immensely. We bring snacks and often ask friends to come along to make our time outside even more enjoyable. (Notice how I said younger 3?! My oldest daughter complains every time I say we are going on a hike. As soon as we are on the hike she enjoys it but when we get home she says she was miserable. Tweens!)

A few years ago we invested in Camelbak day packs for each of our kids. They have been a wonderful addition to our hiking gear. This is the pack we purchased for each of them: CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack, 50 oz.They cost around $50 a piece and have been worth the investment for our family. We use them every single hike and have had them for years. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to not carry the water and snacks for all of them. Plus, we don’t have to stop every time someone needs a drink. Which is a huge bonus when hiking with kids. Everyone is able to drink while they hike. If someone wants a snack while they hike no problem, they just pull one out of their pack and eat while they hike. I’m not stopping, taking off my pack and searching through all my snacks to find something they like. It really is glorious! It’s the little things that add up to a smooth and enjoyable experience when hiking with kids.

These packs are one of the best ways to alleviate the stress and strain of hiking with your kids. They are lightweight, compact, and will hold 50 fl oz (1.5 L) of water for them to get drinks as they need. It does not have a hip belt but has contoured, padded shoulder straps with a chest strap that easily adjusts to your child’s changing size. All four of my kids (ages 11, 9, 6, 3) wear the exact same pack. It’s lightweight with a built-in safety whistle, extra storage pockets, and reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments.

I love our packs and highly recommend them.