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Fit vs. Skinny

Fit vs. Skinny

Fit is different than skinny. ⁣

Fit is an ability. Skinny is an appearance. ⁣

I’ve always dreamed of being skinny. Growing up I was sure that if I became skinny I would have more friends and my life would be better. ⁣

When I became an adult I found working out to be fun. I enjoyed the endorphins that came when I would sweat. I fell in love with running in particular. I found that I had a strong body. I’ve often teased that I have a horse for a body because it’s so healthy and strong. It took me a long time to realize my body was one of my talents. I can’t sing or do anything musical but physically I’ve got it. For so long I overlooked that fact because I had my eye on skinny. ⁣

In my pursuit of skinny, I kept failing. I could lose weight but it wasn’t sustainable. As soon as I would loosen up on my diet I would make it back to the weight my body was comfortable at. I spent so much time wishing my body looked different when really I should have been celebrating what it was capable of. ⁣

Just last week when I was hiking the Tetons I found myself looking at pictures thinking “how can my body be this big? I eat healthy and I am in fabulous shape. I workout 6 days a week and feel great, why doesn’t my body look great?” (Some lessons you have to learn over and over again!🤦)⁣

The truth of the matter was that I was out having an adventure of a lifetime and Satan was sowing thoughts of doubt in my mind. Why was I spending energy on what my body looked like instead of using that energy to climb the mountains that were in front of me? I stopped myself, gave myself some self-compassion, and started noticing all of my body’s capabilities. My body was allowing me to hike 40 miles in the Tetons. It never failed me. In fact, I came home without sore muscles and went right back to my exercise routine when I got home. ⁣

I love my body. It allows me to live the life I want. I never have to turn things down because my body can’t keep up. It’s a talent that I recognize and spend time improving. My body is a gift that has nothing to do with what it looks like. ⁣

I’m fit, not skinny and I’ve learned the difference. Skinny isn’t the goal anymore. ⁣