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Get Out There Girl was created to offer women the opportunity to connect with one another through adventure and feel compassion for themselves as a result. Hiking has become a valuable tool in helping accomplish that goal. In June we hiked the Richards Hollow trail in Blacksmith Canyon above Logan, Utah. The trail follows the path of a creek and 1.5 miles in reaches a waterfall that cascades down a rocky cliff.

We began the hike near a campground, and though it was popular that day, it was serene nonetheless. The sound of the water trickling down the mountain, the wildflowers bending in the breeze, and the tall trees shading us was exactly what we needed to truly enjoy the outdoors. The trail is narrow in some places but often wide enough for two of us to walk together and enjoy the company of a new friend.

As we climbed the mountain towards the waterfall we crossed the creek multiple times and enjoyed the cool water on our feet. Walking on fallen tree trunks and hopping rocks brought a bit of childish excitement to the hike. When women let go of the worry of looking silly and enjoying the moment we can be who we really are. Those carefree moments are imperative in connecting with other women as this too allows them to do the same. 

Richard’s Hollow Hike is the perfect place to get out and enjoy nature. The trail is rigorous enough to give you the feeling of accomplishment but easy enough to make it enjoyable for hikers of all levels. Plus taking pictures in a tepee and eating lunch at the bottom of a waterfall is the perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day.