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With each new baby I’ve had, new products have been developed to make life easier. The baby food pouch was a genius invention that didn’t exist until my third baby. It was life changing to not carry glass jars and a spoon everywhere I went to feed my baby. Anyone else feel the same way?

Another wonderful invention that has improved significantly over the years is the baby carrier. After four kids I have found my favorite: the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons.

Hiking in Idaho. Pierce riding on my back and loving life.

For the busiest of families who need a quick retreat into nature this baby carrier is a must! This backpack offers all the features needed for a family to enjoy the trails. It is ergonomic, lightweight, adjustable, and features zippers that accommodate multiple temperatures. Zip up and keep your baby warm and cozy while snowshoeing or unzip and let your baby cool off on a hot summer day.

The contoured shoulder straps are fitted with padding for comfort along with an adjustable hip belt for added support. If you are a new mom who needs some fresh air this pack can be used for infants down to just 7 lbs and can adjust to fit your little one as they grow into a toddler. Larger carriers will offer more space for storage but there is a large enough pocket to store your baby’s necessities.

Hiking in Utah county.

The best part of the Lillebaby Complete is the carrying versatility. With six different child positions it can be adjusted to comfortably carry on your back, side, or even on the front so you can keep your eye on the little one. It comes in multiple colors and patterns, includes a sunshade, and is waterproof for those unexpected rainstorms. You can purchase it at most retailers but the best deal is on Amazon for only $79.

When you need a few hours for you and your young family to get out and explore, this pack offers everything you need to fully enjoy your time.

Get out there, girl!

Two babies in hiking packs. Clara (2) riding in the framed hiking pack. Brand new baby Pierce riding in the frameless pack.