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One of a Kind Adventure Retreats for Women 

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Mental Health + Outdoors

Adventure, connection, and self-compassion

Join the thousands of women who are unlocking their potential by getting outside to have fun, heal, and connect. 


The adventures are great and what drew me to the group. But the connection with other women is the best part. Every trip has been full of fun and inclusive women who are just happy to be sharing the moment together.


One of the things I love the most about GOTG is that it gives women the opportunity to take time for themselves and teaches the importance of self-care.


Where do I start? Brittany made the trip so comfortable. If you have anxiety I promise she becomes an instant friend. You can feel her genuine interest in each person. I went and didn’t know a single person and left with new friends. The dog sledding and the hot springs were magical! It’s something you’ll be so proud of yourself for doing and when the opportunity comes don’t pass on it. Don’t miss out because of fear. Take a leap and get out there, girl!